Lakers-Rockets Game 5 first half thoughts

I’m not even going to hide it.  I am a life long Lakers fan so just note that my perspectives may have a little bias in them when it comes to this team.

As the end of the first 24 minutes of play I am pleased with the effort that I am seeing out of the Lakers tonight against Houston.   After stumbling out of the gate trailing 11-4, i’ll admit that all I can think of was the  embarassment that was Game 4 on Sunday but unlike that debacle they showed some character and played like the championship contenders that everyone considers them to be and they were lead by the one and only Kobe Bryant.  Number 24 got off to a fast start scoring 12 points in the first quarter which fueled a 23-6 run to close out the opening frame.  Bryant finished the first half with 20 points.  From what I can see the Lakers brought their defensive intensity forcing the Rockets into repeated turnovers and careless mistakes, they are going inside to take advantage of the lack of size that Houston has without Yao Ming and they are being aggressive in attacking the basket, Kobe in particular.  As far as the intangibles go I feel that they are also playing with a lift due to Lamar Odom being able to take the court despite being listed as a game time decision for tonights game after a rough landing on his back in game 4. 

This is the kind of effort that I expect the Lakers to come out with every game as far as defense and aggression.  When they bring this mindset to the court they play like the championship contenders that everyone knows that they are.   So far so good in Laker Land after the first 24 minutes.  Lets see how the second 24 minutes plays out.

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