That’s the only word that I can come up with after watching this poor effort by the Lakers in the first half of this game.  I just don’t understand how a team coached by 9 time champion Phil Jackson with the players that are on this roster can come out this flat for the second time in three games.  Before my seat was even warm for tonights game the Lakers were down 21-3.  

I’m going to use a reference that I received from a text message during the game but how in the heck do you let Luis Scola play like he is Hakeem Olajuwon circa 1995?  It was so bad that I thought the MVP trophy was presented before the game and I was seeing David Robinson out there against the Rockets in the post.  With every effort I see like this, I become less and less confident of a Laker championship this season.  I just feel that when you have an undermanned opponent on the brink of elimination you need to show your killer instinct and put that team away.  Last time I checked the team’s got better as you advance in the playoffs.  I really thought the Lakers had turned a corner after the 40 point blowout in game 5 but after the first 24 minutes of play tonight I see that I was wrong.  Maybe things will change in the second half but at this point I will not be getting my hopes up.  That being said…Go Lakers!

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