Lost season 5 finale

I know that the finale was two nights ago but I had to watch it a second time to have any kind of chance of absorbing all two hours.  As has been the MO with previous Lost season finales, the end of season five left us searching for more answers as opposed to answering all the questions.  Who was that disguising himself as Locke?  What was the “loophole” between Jacob and his adversary?  Did the “Losties” live through the bomb detonation?    What effect did the explosion have?  Did it reset things in a way that Jack had hoped or did it ensure that things will happen just like how it did since the time Oceanic 815 crashed on the island in 2004?  What was the name of the man that was talking to Jacob in the very beginning and why does he want to kill him?  Is Jacob really dead?

At least we got some answers as to whatever happened with Rose, Bernard and Vincent the dog.  I think that the writers did a good job of answering the question of what happened to those three in regards to the fact that they are living peacefully with each other near the beach in a state of “retirement”.  Those two truly love each other more so than any two characters love each other on the show with the possible exception of Jin and Sun.  When told of how a bomb going off could kill them both, they were completely unphased because they had each other.  That love in itself is more powerful than any other force on the island.  Another answer in the episode was that we were able to find out why Dr. Chang has the prosthetic left arm that was seen in the Dharma instructional videos from earlier seasons.  It also looks like we are going to get an answer in season 6 as to how the Black Pearl ship wound up on the island.  The ship was spotted in the beginning when Jacob and his adversary were having their conversation in the beginning of the episode.  I also think we’re going to get an answer as to how the ageless wonder Richard Alpert got to the island next season and we’ll also find out what metaphor or symbolism his character represents.  When you’re the only character that is in both time periods and you don’t age at all, you are not a character that can simply be taken at face value. 

All things considered I really enjoyed the season finale.  I wish Jacob’s story could’ve been developed over more episodes as opposed to cramming it all in over the two hours of Wednesday night’s episode.  I wonder if the season six opener will show flashbacks of any kind of interactions his adversary had with the characters before they got to the island in the same way that they showed Jacob’s flashbacks with the Ocanic 6 in the season five finale? 

The show has definitely taken on a conflict theme, whether that conflict is good vs. evil a la Stephen King’s The Stand with Jacob and his adversary being God and the devil using those on the island to wage their war or the two being on different sides of the fence between fate/destiny vs. people being in control their future?  Unfortunately those questions will have to be answered in January when the sixth and final season begins.  I will be counting down the days until then.

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