24 Season finale

I just finished watching the 24 Season 7 finale and overall I would say I’m satisfied with how things turned out.  As to how it stacks up with past 24 season finales, I would put it somewhere in the middle. 

Some of the things that I did enjoy in the episode were the final twist with Tony Almeida declaring that all his actions were to get to Alan Wilson, the man at the top of the conspiracy who was behind the killing of his wife Michelle and their unborn child back in Season 5.  I think this explanation of Almeida’s actions makes things a little easier to understand.  Although his actions were wrong and contributed to the loss of many innocent lives you can understand the fact that he was doing it in the name of someone that he loved.  Love is the most powerful emotion that people feel and can make a person act in many different ways both right and wrong. 

I really enjoyed the scene between Jack and Gonar, the Muslim Imam.  I thought it was a beautiful way for Jack to confess and ask forgiveness for his wrongs as he lay dying and it was a great way to symbolize peace between two sides in a modern day war. 

I’m alright with the fact that a couple of loose ends were left untied between what will happen with Tony Almeida and what will Renee Walker do in her interrogation with Alan Wilson.  After all, there needs to be something to build next seasons plot lines around. 

Something that should have been tied up was what will happen with Jack Bauer himself and his daughter Kim’s willingness to use her stem cells to help him back to life.  In a world with information just a click or two away and many viewers already knowing that 24 will be back for a Season 8 in January, I thought it would have made much more sense for the treatment to have worked and Jack’s life to have been saved and on the road back to health before the ending.  There is no show without Jack Bauer as the main character so there is no sense in leaving his well being in doubt. 

As for what happened with President Taylor and her daughter Olivia’s role in the death of Jonas Hodges, I can’t say that I’m surprised that she made the decision to send her up the river and prosecute her.  All during the season the President had acted in a way that showed she believed that the duty of the oval office and protecting the constitution and the American people was above all else.  If she had given her daughter a free pass it would have gone against everything that she stood for.  While I completely understood what the President’s husband was saying, he is not the one who would be taking the fall had any information about the President’s daughter getting away with her role in someones murder been leaked to the media. 

As someone that has watched 24 from the very beginning I understand people’s complaints with some of the story lines and unrealistic scenarios but long ago I decided to suspend my disbelief and take this show for what it was, an hour of entertainment once a week for several months out of the year.  I have no doubt that the eighth season of 24 will deliver in the same way and so it is for that reason that I look forward to January 2010 with great anticipation and eagerness for another entertaining ride.

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One Comment on “24 Season finale”

  1. Marcas Says:

    count me among the cynics, even though i still back up to the 24 feed window once a week (although now it’s via dvr, since heroes has claimed my live viewing on mondays). i’ve decided to watch it as though it were a die hard movie and not question anymore.

    i was quite glad to see the smug and snooty olivia taylor get her comeuppance. i’m not sure that there was one moment that she acted without putting her own agenda ahead of her mother’s or the country.

    i was a little disappointed to see how quickly agent walker devolved to jack’s level (even as jack himself was visibly wrestling with what he’d become). i can’t imagine it’s the first time an fbi agent has seen terror plots or dead bodies. she seemed to give up her principles quite easily.

    i’m curious to see if they bring back janis gold for another season. they seemed to be setting her up as a second-generation chloe o’brien. i thought her character was irritating and a bit c3po-ish (but i also originally thought the same about chloe and then she started to grow on me).

    as i write this, i start to notice the large role female characters played this season, very different from past years. i’ll be interested to see where they decide to go from here. the dvr will be set.

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