Lakers Re-sign Shannon Brown

Now that free agents can officially sign with teams, the Lakers made a wise move in re-signing  guard Shannon Brown to a two-year, $4.2 million deal.  The second year of the deal is a player option.  Plain and simple, this was a signing that needed to be done. 

Brown provided solid contributions off the bench during the Lakers run to the NBA title this past season.  The first play that comes to my mind was the dunk over Denver’s Chris Andersen.  That play turned the momentum of the series and eventually led to the Lakers eliminating the Nuggets from the Western Conference Finals in six games. 

Brown is still  young and will only be turning 24 this November.  He has shown the ability to play both guard positions and his solid defensive play gives Los Angeles another option off the bench and provides them with insurance in case they have to move Jordan Farmar for any reason. 

 I have read various reports indicating that Farmar could be added to any deal if the Lakers become aggressive in wanting to move the bad contracts of Adam Morrison, Sasha Vujacic or Luke Walton.  In addition, there have been reports indicating that Farmar doesn’t like the triangle offense and that the Lakers are less than pleased with his overall development as their point guard of the future.

Most importantly the signing of Brown brings back another important piece of last year’s championship run and provides continuity for the Lakers as they they begin defense of their title next season.

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3 Comments on “Lakers Re-sign Shannon Brown”

  1. Mike Logan Says:

    I think Brown will be the Lakers point guard of the future. I have zero faith in Farmer. I am hoping that somehow that Lakers can trade Farmer for a bag of chips. But, who is going to want Farmer?? Or Walton or Sasha..? I am hopefull, but I don’t think this will happen..

    • Joe Pacheco Says:

      From what I’ve read, Farmar has actually drawn some interest and including him in a deal might make it easier for Kupchak to get rid or Morrison, Vujacic or Walton.

  2. Mike Logan Says:

    Wow, Mitch is turning into Jerry West.

    I will give you my worst player in Kwame Brown for your Best player in Pau Gasol. HAHAH..I would trade Farmar for a good Hot Dog vendor. HAHA…Dude, I hope that Farmar gets dealt..

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