Average NFL Thoughts From An Average Fan: 9-19-12

Here we are two weeks into the NFL season and those of you who take the time to read my writings had to think that I was going to emerge from the underground sooner or later to share with you, my loyal readers, some thoughts and opinions.  I figured now as as good of a time as any, so without further ado:

Let me start with a theory…

There are many reasons why American’s love football.  The hard-hitting and highlight reel plays are a couple that come to mind.  I think I might have figured out the biggest reason why we love watching the gladiators of the gridiron.  It’s because the NFL is the greatest reality show on television.  No matter how hard you try it’s nearly impossible to figure out each team from week to week.

One week the Patriots look great, the next week they lose at home to Arizona.

The Jets score 48 points at home against Buffalo then they head out on the road and look awful against the Steelers.

Those same Buffalo Bills rebounded from their embarrassing loss in week one to hand the Kansas City Chiefs a solid thumping in week two.

Everybody was riding high on the Cowboys after an impressive week one victory on the road against the New York Giants.  In week two they fall right back down to earth in a defeat on the road at Seattle.

These are reasons why the casinos in Las Vegas continue to build new attractions and taller buildings.  These are reasons why I don’t game on the NFL.  It’s too unpredictable and with the level of parody throughout the league it’s best to just sit back and watch.

Nothing upset me more…

Than watching my Oakland Raiders just come out and fall flat on their face against the Miami Dolphins.  The way the Raiders played you would think Miami is a Super Bowl caliber team.

Dolphins running back Reggie Bush looked like he did when he was running the ball for USC rushing for 172 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Reggie Bush is a good running back but I don’t think he’s that good.

The worst thing was watching Brian Hartline catch 9 passes for 111 yards on the same 10 yard out pattern.  I’m not an NFL coach but isn’t there some adjustment that can be made by the defensive coordinator or the defensive backs who are covering him?  For crying out loud he’s Brian Hartline, not Calvin Johnson.  If you can’t stop Brian Hartline from making the same play over and over and over again,  frankly you don’t deserve to win and the Raiders didn’t losing 35-13.

I can’t write one more word without getting this off thought off my chest…

How can the NFL talk about integrity and still have replacement officials two weeks into the season?  It’s painfully obvious that these guys have no clue what’s going on.  They’re calling penalties on plays that aren’t and failing to call penalties on plays that are.

In Monday night’s  game between the Falcons and Broncos the referees looked completely lost out there.  To paraphrase a tweet I read last night, the referees were doing their part to make sure Peyton Manning wasn’t having the worst night in the building.

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, is running a multi-billion dollar business.  Mr.  Goodell, for the love of all creatures big and small please get a deal done with the regular referees and restore integrity to America’s favorite game.

I know we’re only two weeks into the season but…

This years 49er team looks like the best team in the league.  At minimum they look like the best team in the NFC.  They are coming off an outstanding season last year in which they appeared in the NFC Championship game and so far looked like they’re ready to achieve even greater things.

It’s amazing the job  Jim Harbaugh has done 18 game into his tenure as head coach.  Quarterback Alex Smith is finally showing signs of his potential as is tight end Vernon Davis.  Their running game is as good as any in the league and their defense is scary good.  Right now I’m having trouble finding a team that can slow them down.  Maybe Green Bay, but we all saw how things turned out in week one.

Just remember that this praise is coming from a die hard Raiders fan but when a team is impressive I’m not afraid to say it, even when it pains me to do so.  My hats off to you 49ers.  So far you’ve earned it!

An NFL icon has left us…

The man behind NFL Films, Steve Sabol passed away yesterday at the age of 69 from brain cancer.  Along with his father Ed Sabol, Steve captured the pageantry and drama of every NFL game each week telling its unique story through the eyes of a camera lense and with a narration on par with the greatest of writers.  The importance of Steve Sabol’s contributions to the game of football can not be understated.  What he did for the game is as important as any player, coach or owner.

This morning I was listening to The Dan Patrick Show and DP was saying that Steve Sabol is not in the NFL Hall of Fame.  If I wasn’t sitting down I would’ve fallen over.  How is this possible?  How can you ignore what Sabol did for the game for decades?  Chances are he’ll get in sooner rather than later because of his death but I think it’s one of the biggest crimes in sports that he would acquire such an honor posthumously.

Mr. Sabol should’ve been inducted into the Hall of Fame 20 years ago when he was very much alive and in good health.  Shame on you NFL and Hall of Fame voting committee for failing to recognize all the good Steve Sabol did for America’s favorite game and awarding him the game’s highest honor while he was around to appreciate it.

Thanks for stepping into the clubhouse!

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